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Previous Wendy’s restaurant employee claims sexual harassment

On Behalf of | May 1, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

One woman in a different state claims that she was sexually harassed by her boss, which can be an embarrassing and frustrating situation for any employee. The former Wendy’s restaurant employee claims that she was harassed at two different times. In this type of sexual harassment situation, a person in California reserves the right to explore his or her legal options for seeking justice.

The woman in the out-of-state case said during the first incident of harassment, she was verbally and physically abused in a sexual manner at the work site. In the second situation, she said a general manager, who was a man, and a female manager requested that she go drinking with them. At that time, they both began to harass her sexually, according to the woman.

She said they tried to get her to perform sexual favors upon them, which would allow her to become a manager. After reporting the incident to police and to the company, she was told that the general manager had been terminated. However, to her shock, she later learned that he was reinstated. The plaintiff claims that she ended up not being able to sleep or eat, and she quit the job. The company is a franchise and thus is independently owned and operated.

The woman claimed that other workers at the restaurant have also fallen victim to the manager’s sexual advances. Workplace sexual harassment can include unwelcome advances as well as sexual favor requests and even emails or texts that are sexual in nature. A person who has experienced this type of inappropriate sexual conduct at the job site or even outside of the workplace may file a civil claim. If the plaintiff succeeds in his or her case, monetary relief may help the individual to move on from such a humiliating event in California.

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