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3 women claim to be workplace sexual harassment victims

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

When an individual in California endures sexual harassment on the job, he or she is a victim of unlawful activity for which the company can be held accountable. Three individuals in another state recently filed suits against one company, complaining that the employer engaged in workplace sexual harassment. The workers also claimed that the company unlawfully discriminated against them and violated wage regulations.

In the suit, the female workers said their work environment was hostile. They filed separate suits in which they said the company president and founder made sexually harassing comments almost each day. According to the suit, the women have experienced emotional distress and lost enjoyment of their lives as a result of the behavior.

The employees are seeking to be compensated and also want to ensure that no one else experiences the harassment they said they had to go through. The women are seeking lost benefits and wages as well as damages. The company — located in Maine — denied the allegations, claiming that they were unmerited.

When either a man or woman faces offensive and unwanted sexual advances or comments, the ordeal can affect the individual’s work life and state of mind. It is also illegal for companies in California to try to make it a requirement for an employee to succumb to such advances in order to remain employed or promoted at a company. If an employer is found to be liable for workplace sexual harassment, remedies for the plaintiff may include compensatory damages as well as back pay or front pay, depending on the specific California case.

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