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California sexual harassment case involves Yahoo

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

Though reported cases of sexual harassment in the workplace are often situations in which women have been harassed by men, it is important to understand that such harassment can take place between various combinations of genders. No matter whether the case is one where a man was harassed by a woman or whether both genders involved were the same, sexual harassment should be handled seriously. California employees should not fear filing a report.

A harassment case involving two women is currently underway. One of the parties is a female executive with the Internet powerhouse Yahoo. A female employee working for the executive filed a claim that she was allegedly promised workplace incentives in exchange for cybersex and oral sex. She also stated that reviews of her workplace duties were intentionally downgraded by the executive and that she was eventually terminated from her position.

At this time, Yahoo has denied the allegations of sexual harassment and wrongful termination. They are reportedly supporting their executive in the matter and intend to continue with the suit in order to prove that no wrongdoing took place. Yahoo and the executive were both named as defendants in the case.

Though this sexual harassment case involves two women, it should still be treated with the utmost seriousness with the intent to resolve the matter. The employee in this case felt as if a proper investigation was not carried out in regards to her complaints, and therefore, she felt that legal action was necessary. If California workers find themselves in similar situations, they may also wish to assess their situation and determine if legal action may suit their circumstances.

Source: Time, “Female Yahoo Executive Sued for Sexual Harassment“, Jack Linshi, July 14, 2014



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