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California scientist claims wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

If a person is fired from a job, he or she may expect the decision to have come about as the appropriate course of action for a serious infraction or other situation in which termination is required. However, there are times when parties are released from their positions without proper cause. As a result of this wrongful termination, a party may wish to seek a legal case against their employer.

A scientist in California is currently pursuing a case after he felt he was unjustly let go from his job. The situation reportedly began after the man apparently made a discovery regarding dinosaurs and their extinction. The man was reported as having found soft tissue on the bones of a dinosaur, which could lead to the belief that dinosaurs were alive much more recently than previously believed.

Soon after his discovery, the man was fired after being informed that his position had been temporary, though he had apparently been working in the same position for over three years. However, the man is claiming discrimination after a comment was allegedly made about not tolerating the man’s religion. Representation for the man also claims that the idea that the work position was temporary is contradictory to documents regarding the man’s employment.

Wrongful termination is a very serious matter as parties should not be required to lose their job and income without appropriate reasoning. As this situation shows, taking legal steps against such actions may be necessary at times. Therefore, if a California resident feels that he or she was wrongfully fired from a job, gaining knowledge on legal options could possibly be beneficial.

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