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January 2015 Archives

Have you been misclassified as an independent contractor?

Over the past several years, the media has widely reported on a disturbing employment law trend that affects many American workers. Specifically, it seems that many workers are either being intentionally or unintentionally misclassified as independent contractors by their employers.

If a coworker displays explicit photos, can I claim harassment?

On one hand, the term "sexual harassment" is commonly understood in most California workplaces. The majority of all employees, whether male or female, know that it is inappropriate for a supervisor to demand sexual favors in exchange for a promotion, for instance.

The evolution of obesity discrimination in the workplace

Over the past several decades, American employment law has evolved in a variety of ways. On both the federal and state levels, employment law has become increasingly inclusive and has protected a growing number of Americans. Laws protecting specific classes of Americans date back decades. Under these laws, employers may not generally discriminate in the hiring, promotion, payment or firing of individuals based on their race, religion, gender and other classifications.

New laws provide added protections to California workers

The California legislature passed many new laws that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015, several of which offer added protections to workers. Here is a quick roundup of the new laws and what they mean for California employees and employers.

After being fired in California, teacher wins $3.35 million

A teacher in California has just won a substantial amount of money in a case revolving around being fired from his job. Reports show that he was awarded a total of $3.35 million at the conclusion of the case.

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