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March 2015 Archives

Supreme Court gives pregnancy discrimination victim hope

We have previously written about the pregnancy discrimination case recently argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. When a pregnant UPS driver asked for lighter duty for the duration of her pregnancy due to her physician’s recommendation that she avoid lifting packages over a certain weight limit, UPS denied her request. Instead of granting her this reasonable accommodation, the company essentially compelled the worker to take unpaid leave for the rest of her pregnancy.

What is sexual harassment in the workplace?

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a very real problem in many workplaces in California. While some people seem to think that the treatment is okay in certain types of work environments, the truth is that sexual harassment is never okay, and all employers have a duty to prevent it.

Responding to notice of a class action lawsuit

Americans may be served with notice of a class action lawsuit via postal mail or via email. Rarely, individuals may be served with notice by other means. Unfortunately, some individuals affected by a given class action lawsuit may not even be given direct access to such notices. Receiving notice of class action lawsuits that may affect you is vitally important, as you cannot exercise your rights associated with such notices unless you are informed about relevant suits that have been filed.

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