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June 2015 Archives

10 Zoria Farm workers win 330k for their sexual harassment case

A group of 10 farmworkers may finally feel that they have found justice against Zoria Farms. The California-based company is one the biggest processors of dried fruit in the United States. The group of plaintiffs was comprised of men and women who all allege that they were the victims of sexual harassment.

ABM sued for allowing sexual harassment of janitors

When most California residents are heading home after a day's work, thousands of cleaners report for duty in deserted buildings to ensure the day-workers have clean and dust-free offices to return to in the morning. Workers of janitorial companies are extremely vulnerable, and many of them are exposed to sexual harassment and even rape. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently brought the claims of 21 women to a California court.

Uber drivers as employees or contractors: what's the big deal?

Whether you actively follow California employment law news or simply enjoy having an easy way to schedule a ride somewhere, you've probably heard about a recent case involving the online ride-sharing company Uber. On Tuesday, the California Labor Commission ruled on an appeal by an Uber driver who had been seeking reimbursement from the company for job-related expenses. The trouble was, companies only have to reimburse employees -- not independent contractors.

Workers allege they were not given overtime and minimum wage

Millions of people across the country love watching their favorite chefs on television. One of the judges of the show "Chopped", Scott Conant, is named as one of the defendants in a lawsuit filed by some of the current and former workers at the Scarpetta restaurants. The Italian eatery has locations in four states, including California. The defendants are being accused of wage theft and not paying the workers overtime.

Supreme Court rules on religious dress in the workplace issue

When 18-year-old Samantha Elauf applied to work at an Abercrombie Kids store, she did well during her interview. In fact, she did so well during her interview that she “scored” high enough on the company’s interview scale that she qualified for a sales position. However, Samantha was not granted a sales position. Because she wore a religious headscarf, she was denied a job at Abercrombie.

Protecting Pregnant Workers Is Good For All Workers

A few months ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled that employers cannot impose a "significant burden" on pregnant workers and that an employer is not justified in making accommodations for a large percentage of non-pregnant workers, while denying the same kinds of accommodations to pregnant workers.  This is a huge step in the right direction.

What's In All Those Papers You Sign On The First Day At A New Job?

You give up many rights, and protection from discrimination, by signing an arbitration agreement at work.  Employees often sign these arbitration agreements unknowingly.  You know how this happens.  Remember that giant pile of paperwork you received on the first-day of work?  Most people sign those documents without reading them. Sometimes the arbitration agreement is included in these papers as a separate contract.  Other times, the agreement is hidden within the employee handbook acknowledgement form, employment contract, or hiring letter  You should slow down and read it all before signing your name.  

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