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September 2015 Archives

Vons accused of non-payment of overtime in class-action lawsuit

Many retail employees in California and elsewhere may be expected to work overtime to keep up with customer demands. During these long shifts, workers also expect to take breaks so that they do not burn out and can continue to do their jobs effectively. Unfortunately, many workers get exploited and are not paid the overtime they deserve.

New bill aimed at narrowing woman-man wage gap in California

Studies have shown that, on average, women working full-time in California are paid 84 cents for each dollar earned by a man. In other words, it is estimated that full-time female workers in California lose about $33 billion a year.

VXI Global Solutions to pay $600k for sexual harassment lawsuit

California-based VXI Global Solutions is being accused by a group of female and male employees of maintaining a hostile work environment. The workers, both past and present employees, turned to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to help them after they were allegedly subjected to sexual harassment and retaliation. The plaintiffs allege that the abuse began in 2009 and was conducted by 13 male and female harassers in supervisory roles.

Haggen's accused of retaliation by a whistleblowing ex-employee

Many California readers may be familiar with the Haggen supermarket chain to do their shopping. A former employee of the grocery store claims that she faced retaliation and lost her job after she alerted her superiors to problems with pricing inside the store. She has since filed a claim against Haggen in a state court.

Officers allege they were denied overtime for off-the-clock work

Technology has provided the convenience of keeping people in California and across the world connected; however, this can dramatically change the way employers manage hours worked by non-exempt employees on smartphones. Workers who spend time working on their mobile devices may have difficulty keeping record of the overtime or being instructed on how to report it. Some companies may also expect that work performed outside of the office is something that they can get away with not paying.

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