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October 2015 Archives

Wage disputes lead to class action lawsuit against MLB

As children, many dream of becoming professional baseball players. When such a dream becomes a reality, the job may not be as glamorous as it seems. A lawsuit filed in a California federal court against Major League Baseball was recently granted conditional class action certification. The lawsuit stems from a number of wage disputes involving MLB and current and former minor league players.

Former Toyota worker claims wrongful termination

Most California residents are familiar with Toyota Motor Corporation as a leading car manufacturer. A man who worked for one of the company's plants in another state alleges that he suffered a wrongful termination. He claims that the company retaliated against him because he applied for workers' compensation. Additionally, he has named Manpower of WV Inc. as a defendant, because, during the time he was working for Toyota, the staffing company was responsible for paying his wages.

Ex nanny to power couple alleges sexual harassment and wage theft

After working as the nanny to the head of Uber's corporate development and his wife -- the head of Airbnb's global operations -- a 45-year-old woman has had enough. She claims that she was grossly underpaid and was also the victim of sexual harassment. She hopes that her case, which has been filed with a California Superior Court, will bring her the justice she believes she deserves.

City of Oakland loses retaliation lawsuit for over $600,000

After the former director of employee relations for Oakland refused to overlook unlawful conduct, she claims she was fired. The woman filed her claim in a California federal court. The plaintiff was allegedly stuck in the middle of a power struggle that was going on between 2012 and 2013 and believes that the city terminated her in retaliation for not playing along and acting as a whistleblower.

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