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Bikram Yoga faces sexual harassment allegations by former worker

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2016 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

The owner of Bikram Yoga in California is faced with a lawsuit by a former employee. She claims that the owner was offensive to female employees, and she was the victim of sexual harassment. Her claim against the company and its owner has been filed in a Superior Court.

According to the complaint, the woman was hired to help the defendant with any legal matters that may occur. The plaintiff received her legal degree outside the country, and the defendant supposedly helped her obtain authorization to work in the United States. She claims that his assistance came at a price because of the work environment that she endured.

The owner routinely made negative comments about women who were not from his country. He purportedly also used derogatory words to describe females who were training or were employed at the studio. The plaintiff further alleges that the owner had made a shocking statement that it is good for business if he rapes more women.

Apparently the defendant’s wife was aware of how he had been known to treat women and had stated that she wanted her name removed from everything that had to do with the business so that she would not be held liable if there were any lawsuits. His wife purportedly said that she no longer wanted instructors under the age of 18 because women had complained about the way her husband treated them. After the plaintiff complained about the sexual harassment, she was allegedly fired. This is not the only complaint currently filed against the defendant. Another California woman has also sued, alleging that she lost her job because she complained about unethical business practices and because she had become pregnant.

Source:, “No serenity now for Bikram Yoga founder: Sex harassment trial reveals ‘B’ word use“, Hillary Jackson, Jan. 7, 2016



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