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February 2016 Archives

California State Bar faces $15M wrongful termination lawsuit

The California State Bar, its former chief prosecutor and another member are facing accusations from a previous administrative assistant. The woman alleges that, because she stood up for what was right, she received a wrongful termination and is looking to right the wrongs against her. She claims that she lost her job after she uncovered misappropriated funds, ignored cases and other forms of incompetence.

Kroger accused of misclassifying workers to not pay them overtime

Many California readers may have frequented or be familiar with Kroger when they need to pick up some groceries. A group of three recruiters who work for a Kroger call center in another state allege that they were denied overtime because they were misclassified. The class action lawsuit against the grocery chain has been filed in a federal court.

University of California accused of whistleblower retaliation

A former math lecturer for the University of California claims that he lost his job due to retaliation. He has sued the UC Board of Regents, alleged retaliation and wrongful termination. The plaintiff had been on the staff at UC Berkeley since 2013.

Sermoneta Gloves owners sued for not paying their maid overtime

The owners of luxury retailer Sermoneta Gloves located outside California are the defendants in a federal lawsuit brought forth by a former employee. The couple's former maid alleges that she was made promises that her former employers didn't keep. She claims that they did not pay her overtime and let her worry that, if she complained, she would be deported.

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