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California State Bar faces $15M wrongful termination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2016 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

The California State Bar, its former chief prosecutor and another member are facing accusations from a previous administrative assistant. The woman alleges that, because she stood up for what was right, she received a wrongful termination and is looking to right the wrongs against her. She claims that she lost her job after she uncovered misappropriated funds, ignored cases and other forms of incompetence.

According to the complaint, the woman discovered that the former chief prosecutor was not keeping up and hid the truth. She claims that the woman had marked 181 cases as deferred. The prosecutor then submitted her backlog report, but those cases were purportedly not included in the report. As soon as the report was finished, those same cases were apparently categorized as active again to hide the true number.

Additionally, the plaintiff claims that hundreds of people who wanted to be legalized were scammed and their complaints were completely disregarded. She alleges that there were boxes full of these complaints that were never even touched. Furthermore, she claims that funds were misused, such as when more expensive hotels were used than normally would be.

She claims that her firing was a wrongful termination because it had nothing to do with administrative staff being downsized or a lack of competency doing her job. She alleges that she was not the only person who was fired from the California State Bar unjustly. Initially, a meeting was set to settle the case, but the offer was for $1,000, which was rejected. The woman is now seeking a total of $15 million; $5 million for her damages and $10 million for the financial hardship imposed upon her due to her termination.

Source:, “Fired Calif. Bar Worker Opens Can of Worms”, Rebekah Kearn, Feb. 19, 2016



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