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April 2016 Archives

Medical records could result in employment discrimination

Due to strict HIPPA regulations, most California patients trust that their medical records are securely held and protected. However, unauthorized access to medical records has become easier in many instances due to the increased prevalence of electronic medical records and other technological advances that allow health care entities to share data more easily. Recently, an employment discrimination suit was filed against a prestigious northeastern hospital due to the unauthorized disclosure of an employee's HIV status.

Sexual harassment claims plague University of California Berkeley

Educational institutions are typically considered positive places where learning, creativity and societal advances thrive. Most administrators and schools strive to keep their institutions ethically sound and hold their faculty and students to high standards of moral behavior. However, something strange has been happening in recent years in the University of California system, and a recent article details some of the challenges the Berkeley campus has had with sexual harassment inquiries.

California may soon see more wage disputes over gender and race

Last year, California passed one of the most progressive measures to create gender wage equality. As many employers are starting to implement this law, another law is currently being considered to add additional language that will protect workers from racial wage discrimination as well. A recent article details some of the issues that could cause wage disputes as employers face stricter regulations.

New Family Medical Leave Act law may set tone for California

American businesses have long been behind the rest of the developed world in terms of policies that promote a healthy work/life balance and time off. In many other countries, mandated time off for new parents after the birth of a baby and time to care for ailing family members is customary. On the heels of one state's recent record-breaking announcement on raising its minimum wage to $15/hour, the state announced this week that it is also making major changes in its family medical leave act policy that could influence California's policies in the near future.

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