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June 2016 Archives

Sexual harassment charges may cause removal of city officials

Through the years, many politicians have become embroiled in scandals when they have been caught abusing the power granted to them by their government positions. Sexual harassment has traditionally been one of the most common reasons that political figures have found themselves in trouble. After a major scandal that occurred a few years ago, a California city has proposed new legislation that would allow the city council the power to force the removal of the mayor or other officials accused of crimes.

Well-known California bakery settles wrongful termination suit

For many, it is difficult to imagine that workers in today's society are still subjected to harassment, retaliation and discrimination. However, these practices are unfortunately still seen across every sector and even in some distinguished and long-standing companies. Recently, a story broke about a renowned California bakery that finally settled a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Family Medical Leave Act discrimination lawsuits up significantly

Despite recent positive changes in state laws, many in California and throughout the country still face stiff opposition when asking for both paid and unpaid time off for family reasons. There are some employers who make getting time off difficult because they simply do not understand current laws. However, others understand their employees' rights, yet they still choose to continue improper business practices. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in lawsuits due to Family Medical Leave Act discrimination.

Wells Fargo settles wrongful termination suit

During the past few years, the definition of sexual identity with regard to protected classes has changed drastically. With this transformation, the laws regarding protected classes have been forced to evolve rapidly, and many large corporations have unfortunately struggled to keep pace. Recently, Wells Fargo settled a wrongful termination lawsuit with a transgender woman in California who allegedly faced discriminatory practices based on her sexual orientation.

Many could see pay boost from Obama's new overtime law

As the Obama administration enters its final months and Congress winds down for the summer, several bills are pending which may be interesting to California employees. Specifically, up to 146,000 workers in the state could be affected positively by legislation that establishes a new overtime income threshold. A recent article describes some of the benefits of this law.

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