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Former Fox anchor sues CEO for wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

Though it is gradually becoming less common, workplace sexual harassment and workplace termination resulting from speaking out against perpetrators still occurs fairly often in California and throughout the United States. Though it may seem insurmountable for one worker to face a large corporation, many such lawsuits have been successfully litigated. A recent complaint filed against Fox News highlights the fact that men and women have options when faced with wrongful termination, even in high-profile cases against large organizations.

Gretchen Carlson, a former host of “Fox and Friends,” was recently fired from her position after 11 years with the network. In the lawsuit she recently filed, her lawyers describe years of alleged wrongdoing and sexual harassment that Carlson endured at the network. The lawsuit was specifically filed against the CEO, Roger Ailes, who she alleges fired her when she was unwilling to continue putting up with his purported sexual harassment.

The lawsuit has generated a maelstrom of support for Carlson, with one Twitter follower even putting together a series of videos that highlight how differently Carlson was treated from her male co-stars while on set. It also documents flagrant comments about her looks that others made while filming. In fact, Carlson walked off the set of the show in 2012 after one of her co-stars made a blatantly sexist remark about women.

At any point during the process of reporting, documenting or investigating workplace sexual harassment and wrongful termination, workers can consult with lawyers to find out more about their rights, as well as their best options during every step. By consulting with attorneys, workers can empower themselves to fight back and obtain the justice they deserve. A California lawyer can best advise a worker on the legal options specific to that particular state.

Source:, “Ex-Fox News anchor accuses former boss Ailes of sexual harassment“, Daniel Wiessner and Lisa Richwine, July 6, 2016



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