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December 2016 Archives

Wal-Mart to pay $75,000 in disability discrimination lawsuit

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., a huge retailer with stores in California and across the nation, was accused of violating federal discrimination law when it purportedly failed to accommodate a former employee's physical limitations. A disability discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of the then-employee accused the retailer of failing to provide adequate workplace accommodations for the woman's disability, and also claimed that she was the focus of harassment as well. The company will pay the woman $75,000 to settle the lawsuit.

California woman fired after sexual harassment claims files suit

A former Oakley Union Elementary School District employee has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination. The California woman alleges that, after filing a complaint of sexual harassment against her boss, she was subsequently let go. She also feels that, since her termination, the district has ruined her reputation and prevented her from finding subsequent work in her field.

Tech companies facing age-related wrongful termination lawsuits

Many companies in California value older, more experienced employees as they bring strong work ethic, valuable knowledge and skills to the table. Technology companies, however, have tended to embrace younger employees, whether due to corporate culture or because of particular skill sets. Because of this, many of the top technology companies in the United States are facing an increasing number of age-related wrongful termination lawsuits.

University of California amends its sexual harassment policy

Within the past year, the University of California system has battled several lawsuits dealing with its employees' unethical behavior. Several have been investigated, and some employees have been heavily sanctioned or terminated from the university because of sexual harassment claims. Most recently, the UC Board of Regents amended the university's Standards of Ethical Conduct after one of the regents allegedly made lewd comments toward a former employee.

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