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California woman fired after sexual harassment claims files suit

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2016 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

A former Oakley Union Elementary School District employee has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination. The California woman alleges that, after filing a complaint of sexual harassment against her boss, she was subsequently let go. She also feels that, since her termination, the district has ruined her reputation and prevented her from finding subsequent work in her field.

Allegedly, the woman’s supervisor made comments of a sexual nature, as well as physical advances without her consent. When he found out that she was planning to report his inappropriate behavior to the Human Resources Department, her boss allegedly confronted her. Despite this, the woman proceeded with the complaint.

The complaint concluded with a statement that the allegations had possible merit, and avowed that the man was put on administrative leave. However, the day before the female employee’s probationary period was about to end, her employment was terminated on the grounds that her performance was unsatisfactory. This, the woman argues, is despite the fact that she’d been deemed satisfactory in all areas on all previous performance reviews with that employer.

Any California employees who find themselves in similar situations might benefit from seeking the counsel of an attorney with experience in sexual harassment cases. Standing up against an employer can be daunting, especially if employees fear they might suffer backlash from the supervisor or the company. However, an attorney can advise anyone who finds him or herself facing sexual harassment in the workplace of any legal options available and offer guidance on an appropriate course of action.

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