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February 2017 Archives

Lawsuit alleges employment discrimination based on gender, race

In California, as in all other states across the nation, workplace discrimination based on race or gender is illegal. In another state, though, after years of alleged employment discrimination, a police sergeant has filed a lawsuit for the poor treatment she continues to receive from her employers and co-workers. Her numerous complaints range from claims of being passed over for promotion to supervisors instructing her to style her hair differently.

Former ESPN announcer alleges wrongful termination

A veteran ESPN announcer has filed a lawsuit in a California court against his former employer, the sports network ESPN. The announcer is claiming wrongful termination after the network allegedly fired him for a supposed mix-up involving a racial slur. Social media backlash purportedly contributed to the decision, but the former announcer claims ESPN turned the non-issue into an ordeal that will affect him for the rest of his life.

Sexual harassment in the California workplace

While sexual discrimination in the California workplace may sometimes be difficult to prove, that doesn't make it less of an issue. Typically, sexual harassment takes the form of lewd comments or inappropriate behavior that create a work environment so hostile that the employee is no longer able to perform his or her job. There are different types of sexual harassment in the workplace, though, and all of them are illegal.

Hertz faces overtime disputes in California and elsewhere

The car rental company Hertz Corp. is already facing a string of lawsuits in California accusing them of failing to pay their customer services employees for working through their breaks and off the clock. A class-action suit filed in 2015 claims the company refused to pay overtime wages in compliance with federal and state labor laws. Now, Hertz is facing yet another lawsuit over unpaid overtime -- this time in a different state.

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