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California woman sues for wrongful termination from county jail

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

An employer is not allowed to fire an employee as an act of retaliation, especially when the retaliation is due to an issue that is not work-related, such as a loan. If an employee is asked to leave or is eliminated from the schedule due to this type of retaliation, it likely constitutes wrongful termination. A recent news story out of California tells the story of one woman who is suing her former employer for wrongful termination. 

The woman is suing Nevada County and the medical group that serves the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility. She made several loans to her supervisor when he complained of mortgage woes and financial issues. The loans go as far back as 2013, but she was not paid in full the nearly $9,000 she was owed until 2016. In order to get the loans repaid, she had to send a demand letter. 

Around June 2014, the supervisor began to reduce the woman’s work hours and became disrespectful when dealing with her. The woman asked for more work and was denied. She also failed to receive a full-time position at the medical center. Her last working day was in July 2016, and despite asking for more work hours, she did not receive any.

The woman alleges wrongful termination due to asking for repayment of the loan. Other workers in California facing similar issues such as dealing with lost pay and opportunities for full-time employment may have grounds to file suit as well. An employment law attorney can be of assistance to those who are interested in filing suit for wrongful termination. 

Source:, “Former Nevada County Jail nurse sues county, California Forensic Medical Group“, Alan Riquelmy, June 15, 2017



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