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California pastor’s inappropriate behavior pushes co-worker out

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

One pastor’s antics has caused an uproar with one co-worker, an associate youth pastor, who has filed a claim. The woman alleges inappropriate behavior coming from the pastor and claims that the church did not do enough to stop it. This California congregation is learning about sexual harassment policies the hard way. More details are given in a recent news story. 

The woman, who had worked for the church since 2008, is suing the church and its new pastor. She claims that she was fired after she complained to church authorities about the man’s behavior. The accused man recently took a position with the church in March, and the woman claims that the harassment started almost immediately. 

The man became very flirtatious during a March conference trip. He allegedly called the woman by pet names such as honey, baby and sweetheart. Another time he approached the woman and attempted to dance suggestively with her, although she raised her arms to avoid dancing with the new pastor. The acts, in addition to other unwanted advances, led the woman to file an official complaint with her church. The church put her on administrative leave in August, and forced her to resign 10 days later. 

It is certainly unusual to see this type of complaint being issued within a church, especially since many feel that churches and pastors hold the moral high ground. But policies against this type of inappropriate behavior exist in any workplace, and the woman should not have to be subjected to harassment on the job. The California church employee is seeking justice for the harm caused to her by the man and the church. Other individuals facing similar problems may also wish to file suit. When filing a lawsuit, an attorney can be a helpful guide during the court process. 

Source:, “Youth pastor sues Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church over sexual harassment“, Dorian Hargrove, Aug. 8, 2017



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