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Most Americans support reasonable accommodations for leave

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Family And Medical Leave, Firm News

Most people will admit that there are times when a person simply needs to be at home to take care of the family. Whether that leave is used to introduce a new child, to care for a family member or to address one’s own health concerns, there are times when a person will require significant time off from work in order to tend the home fires. The Family and Medical Leave Act allows certain employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, and employers must allow for reasonable accommodations for disabled employees in California and across the country. Some individuals also feel that it is time to give paid medical leave to individuals who have medical or caregiving needs at home.

Recent polling shows that Americans on both sides of the political fence support a paid leave option for working mothers and individuals with family caregiving needs. Right now, only a low percent of individuals have access to paid family or short-term disability leave. A few states, including California, have passed or implemented legislation to give paid leave to employees, but there is no national policy yet. 

Women are taking a more active role in the workforce, and the resulting incomes are vital to the financial health of their families. In many cases, the woman is the primary breadwinner, and any time she takes away from work will affect her ability to support herself and her family. Lack of paid time off can have lasting impacts on the family. 

People in California generally support these types of reasonable accommodations for families. Businesses report that paid family leave has a positive or neutral effect on performance, profitability and morale. In the state, paid family leave is protected by law for qualifying employees. If a person has experienced issues getting compensated for their family leave in California, they may wish to consult an attorney for help getting the benefits. 

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