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Woman claims wrongful termination against California employer

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2017 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

A recent news story has reported that one woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer. The woman alleges that she was sexually harassed, retaliated against, and finally fired because she resisted the sexual demands of her employer. She has charged the California employer with harassment and wrongful termination.

The woman was en employee of Raj Properties where she was employed as a janitor. She alleges that her boss would grope her and fondle himself while requesting sexual favors. The woman has claimed that the incidents of harassment happened several times. Other employees allegedly were aware of the man’s behavior, and the woman supposedly was urged by other employees to just ignore it. As she rebuffed the advances, the man became irritated and supposedly gave her a heavier and heavier workload. 

The woman, along with two of her co-workers, filed a criminal complaint for sexual battery. The woman’s sister allegedly received threatening text messages about the incidents, and the female employee was fired just five days after filing her complaint. Her rent was also raised by her employer at the time of her termination. One person named as a defendant in the case has faced criminal charges before. 

In addition to the wrongful termination and sexual harassment, the woman claims she was not given proper breaks or paid for overtime. Other people in California may be facing similar issues with their employer. Some individuals choose to use the help of an attorney to file a legal case to stop the behavior and seek damages for any harms.

Source:, “Former employee files suit against Raj Properties alleging sex harassment“, Chantelle Lee and Ashley Wong, Oct. 6, 2017



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