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2 women file wrongful termination lawsuit in California

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

Two women reported problems at a local surgical center and now claim that they have lost their jobs because of it. The allegations of misconduct range from unlawful opiate control, failure to maintain a sterile environment and claims of sexual misconduct. The California women claim that they were victims or wrongful termination after being fired for reporting the issues. 

Earlier this year, the women observed and reported issues to their supervisors. They noticed that some employees had failed to maintain a sterile environment. One of the women fired was an infection control specialist. As a result of their observations, they informed the medical clinic director, who allegedly told them to ignore the infection control standards for fear that it would hurt the business.

Allegedly, per the women, a sexual misconduct claim was also mishandled. In the aftermath of the claim and the other violations, at least one of the women underwent an unscheduled performance review and was fired. The women maintain that they were fired because of the reporting, and also that age discrimination was at play. The pair were the oldest staff members at the clinics and had faced negative commentary regarding their ages. 

The California clinic has not yet publicly commented on the wrongful termination lawsuit, but a spokeswoman did say that the clinic looks forward to clearing the allegations. If the women are able to prove their case, they will be eligible to receive lost wages and other damages. Other individuals who have been victims of retaliation or discrimination on the job have the right to file suit against the offenders. An employment law attorney can be a helpful guide through the process. 

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