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Wrongful termination alleged in California hotel lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

An ex-employee of a hotel chain claims that she was mistreated on the job and later fired unfairly. The woman was formerly employed with a California Four Seasons hotel. She claims that her employer singled her out based on her race and exposed her to unsafe working conditions. When she spoke out about the treatment, the woman says the case escalated to one of wrongful termination

Working conditions inside the hotel’s greenhouse and landscaping workshop were less than ideal, with temperatures sometimes climbing over 100 degrees. The former employee said that she mentioned the excessive temperatures and was told that it was good for her skin and for a person of her age. The woman’s lawsuit also alleges that the employer tried to force her to use a saw to cut a branch that she had not been trained to use. Another employee was injured using the same saw. 

Racial discrimination and harassment was also an unfortunate experience for the worker. She was referred to by her race, and disparaging remarks were allegedly made about the woman’s ethnicity. Her boss supposedly even tried to make her clean her personal residence. After a panic attack due to the unsafe conditions, the woman was fired. 

Luckily, the California woman has options for seeking awards for her damages. She filed a lawsuit for the wrongful termination, racial discrimination, harassment and emotional distress. Other workers in the state have the same protections offered to them, so individuals suffering similar circumstances at work may wish to consult with an attorney to explore their options for compensation. 

Source: Beverly Hills, CA Patch, “Ex-Employee Of Beverly Hills Hotel Owners Sues, Alleges Racism“, Emily Holland, Jan. 8, 2018



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