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California legislature releases sexual harassment records

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

Problems for employees exists at all levels of employment, from the lowest ranks of minimum wage workers to the highest ranks of elite lawmakers. One such problem of employment is sexual harassment. Recently, the California state legislature released records of several sexual harassment cases that have occurred at the Capitol dating back more than a decade. 

One such lawmaker, a now gubernatorial candidate, has been named in the heavily redacted document release. The investigation against this man dates back to 2013 and involved one female staff member. The staff member claimed that the then-state assemblyman would make a practice of being too close to her and that he even slid his foot over to touch hers during a meeting. 

Another woman also came forward to make complaints against the man, saying that he held her hand and petted it after shaking her hand. According to the records, the man was warned about his conduct. He reportedly stated that he could not recall a time when he had been too familiar with his staff, but that he did remember a few women being overly friendly towards him. 

The individual is not the only person named in the California state investigation documents. Several others are named, including one woman. This information, as well as other recent news stories, demonstrate that sexual harassment continues to be a widespread problem for employees. Individuals who are experiencing issues with harassment at the workplace may choose to hire a lawyer who can help them get justice for the case. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “California Gubernatorial Candidate Was Investigated For Sexual Harassment“, Antonia Blumberg, Feb. 2, 2018



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