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Former marble employee claims wrongful termination in lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

A former employee of a marble company claims that he was let go from his employment without cause. The man worked for the California company for a number of years. His lawsuit claims wrongful termination as well as violations of his employee rights. 

The man’s complaint was filed in April and cited violations of state Labor Code and wrongful termination. Over the 15 years of his employment, the man claims that he worked over 40 hours per week and was not compensated for overtime pay. He also says that he was forced to work through rest and lunch breaks. 

The ex-marble worker also says that he was fired without cause, and that his termination was illegally based on his age, disability and medical conditions. He alleges that the company failed on several counts, including failing to maintain proper documentation and failure to pay proper wages in addition to the allegations of wrongful termination and discrimination. He seeks restitution, relief and damages for the losses he sustained as a result of the employer’s actions, in addition to attorney fees, court costs and any other relief that the court would deem just. 

The wrongful termination case will see its day in court, and the judge and jury will have the chance to evaluate the facts of the matter. For other California workers experiencing problems with an employer, there are options to seek justice and compensation for losses. An experienced and knowledgeable employment law attorney can provide pointers and guidance to those who wish to pursue a legal case. 

Source:, “Man alleges he was wrongfully terminated from New Marble Co.“, Jenie Mallari-Torres, April 24, 2018



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