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For women, California workplaces have room to improve

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Employment Discrimination, Firm News

Although one must applaud those areas in which progress has been made, it seems that the entire country, including California, has room to improve when it comes to women’s rights. This is particularly true with regards to women’s right to be treated fairly and equally in the workplace.

The good news is that, in California, there is a relatively small gap in the incomes for men and women. Among the states, California is tied for second in the country. However, when it comes to overall work environment, California only ranks 29th, slightly below average, among the states. To come to these results, those conducting the survey considered several factors. In addition to overall differences in income between men and women, for instance, the survey also factored executive opportunities for women as well as the difference between unemployment rates. The survey also considered overall job security and the number of women who own their own businesses.

Overall, the survey shows that California has some room to improve when it comes to treating women equally in the workplace. There are several steps that people can take in order to accomplish this. On the basic level, though, Fresno-area women need to be able to understand their rights to be in a work environment free of employment discrimination. Among other things, freedom from employment discrimination means that women should receive equal pay for equal work and should also have access to the same opportunities for advancement as do men.

If a California employer does not provide women this environment, legal action may be possible. An employment attorney who focuses on representing employees can help an employee evaluate her legal options.



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