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What are the signs of a toxic work environment?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Employment Discrimination

Going to a job should not prove any more stressful than necessary. However, if you find yourself experiencing physiological responses, the office may prove toxic.

A toxic work environment is more than feeling pressure or stress. It is a constant state of unrest, often resulting in physical and emotional distress. Take a look at some of the common signs your job is toxic.

Is exclusion for some workers common?

Every job has little groups that cluster together. It becomes toxic, however, when those groups grow and exclude far less than they include. Take a look at the people who become victims of this tactic. Are they part of a protected class, such as those who are pregnant, have a disability, or who have complained about unfair practices? If so, then the exclusion may rise to discrimination.

Is there a demand on your time?

Some professions require occasional long hours, but you should receive appropriate compensation. It raises a red flag if your superiors demand you work outside designated hours, even after you have said you cannot. Toxic workplaces often thrive on control and domination.

Is the turnover rate higher than expected?

People do not need to stay in a hostile environment in the current job market. If turnover is high, it may signal an unfavorable job site. Another factor that feeds employee resignations is the inability to grow. Workers tend to like a company that encourages advancement. However, if there is no opportunity to do this, people may leave for greener pastures.

A toxic work environment may make it easier for discriminatory practices to occur. Should you witness it or become a victim of it, you should seek counsel from an outside professional well-trained to combat it.



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