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How should you tell your boss about your pregnancy?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Pregnancy Discrimination

Having a baby can bring a lot of excitement into your life, but you might feel uneasy about sharing the news with your boss. You might have concerns about how this development in your personal life could impact your profession.

Regardless of the changes, your employer should continue treating you with fairness and respect. Knowing how to share your news could improve your experience when the time comes to inform your boss.

Share your news as soon as possible

You have the right to share the news of your pregnancy when it feels most appropriate to you. However, make sure you tell your boss as soon as you feel ready to. This will allow your employer ample time to consider how they will make arrangements for your absence when you have your baby. It will also open the opportunity to discuss potential modifications to your schedule or responsibilities to accommodate your pregnancy needs.

Maintain open and honest communication

Pregnancy can trigger unexpected health concerns that require immediate attention. You will need to listen to your body to determine that you do not over-exert yourself at work.  You have a right to light duty, short days, and intermittent time off for morning sickness, back pain, and other pregnancy related conditions.  You cannot be disciplined for missing work on such days.

According to, communicate regularly with the HR department. Inform them of expectations, timelines and any changes to your workload. Having documentation of these things can protect you and prevent misunderstandings.

Your employer should never treat you differently because of your pregnancy. If they do behave in this manner, you should file a complaint alleging pregnancy discrimination. Advocating for your rights will help you maintain your career while you also prepare for the excitement of welcoming a child.



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