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What should you know about pregnancy disability leave?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Pregnancy Discrimination

In California, certain laws prevent mistreatment by employers due to pregnancy. Part of these protections entails pregnancy disability leave (PDL), which provides workers with time off while also preserving their employment.

Workers must understand what this law covers to ensure they take full advantage of their protections. By the same token, workers should also know their obligations, so they remain in good standing with their employers.

What PDL offers

While PDL allows workers to take time off work to deal with their pregnancy and pregnancy-related health issues, there is no set amount of time that an employer must provide. Instead, employees must work with their doctors to develop a time period that suits the exact medical need. Additionally, workers can take all PDL at once or intermittently, depending on the situation.

In addition to providing time off, PDL also ensures that pregnant staff members have a job to return to. Employers must preserve their current position or provide a comparable one when the employee returns to work. If the employer normally provides paid leave, these same rules apply to PDL.

What workers must do to obtain leave

Employees should inform their employer of their need for pregnancy accommodations as soon as they can. When possible, they should inform the employer 30 days prior to the date of leave or of the need for other sorts of accommodation. Employees will also need to consult their healthcare provider to obtain a Written Medical Certification unless they require emergency medical care. In most cases, staff will have 15 days to provide a Written Medical Certification to their employer.



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