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Has technology contributed to pregnancy discrimination?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Pregnancy Discrimination

Unfortunately, discrimination against protected parties still happens on a daily basis at workplaces nationwide. This includes discrimination against pregnant workers.

Despite the many benefits that technology obviously brings to the workplace, it can also cause trouble in the form of increased discrimination.

Technology and its impact on discrimination

American Progress talks about the bias that exists against pregnant women in the workforce. Technology sometimes helps in the perpetuation of discrimination due to its ability to foster private spaces where people can talk about their co-workers behind their backs.

Online bullying serves as a major issue in almost every workplace that has a lot of trouble with discrimination. Private channels and direct messaging systems allow employers and employees to trash-talk others at work without any consequences, and without the victim ever realizing.

Unfortunately, by the time this begins to leak out of online spaces and into the office, it is notably charged, amped up and aggressive, which causes enormous emotional strain for the victim/

Why does discrimination happen?

Pregnant workers often end up targeted by this type of bullying, but why? Essentially, a long-standing belief exists that says pregnant workers are undesirable because they will quit as soon as they give birth, or because the quality of their work will decline after that point.

Employers often find ways to discriminate despite the fact that pregnant workers are legally protected. The intentional creation of a hostile environment is one of the most common tactics.

Fortunately, there are actions workers can take if they believe they are unfairly targeted by online bullying as a pregnant worker.



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