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Signs of employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is a concern in today’s job market in spite of workplace diversity and inclusion policies.

Discrimination can take several forms, and recognizing the signs helps prevent it.

Unequal treatment, stereotyping and accommodation

In 2022, 73, 485 people charged companies with employment discrimination. Unequal treatment based on race, gender, age or disability, not qualification and experience, is a sign of unequal treatment. Also, employers should not make assumptions about their abilities, behavior or work ethic based on their background or characteristics. The law requires that employers provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Failure to do so can be a sign of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

Pay discrepancies and lack of advancement

Unequal pay for similar work can occur along gender, race or other discriminatory lines. Failure to receive opportunities for advancement or promotions without valid reasons is a sign of discrimination.

Hostile work environment

Offensive jokes, slurs and harassment based on race, gender or other protected category can cause a hostile work environment. Such an atmosphere can stifle productivity and contribute to high turnover.

Hiring and termination differences

Discrimination can begin in the hiring process. Some candidates could face bias, favoritism or exclusion. Employees who report discrimination or harassment may receive demotions, pay cuts or termination. An employee should not get fired without a valid reason or evidence of poor performance.

Disparate impact

Sometimes, seemingly neutral policies or practices can disproportionately affect certain groups. For instance, a policy that requires a college degree for a job with no clear necessity may impact minority candidates.

Discriminatory practices harm individuals and damage morale and productivity. Companies should promote policies, provide training and encourage a culture that prevents discrimination.



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