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How to prove pregnancy discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2023 | Pregnancy Discrimination

All people have a right to a workplace that is free from discrimination. One protected class under the law includes expecting mothers. Pregnancy discrimination is still prevalent in many workplaces and can affect the mother’s future.

Employers who allow hostile work environments or have discriminatory practices may face legal action.

Start documenting your experience

According to a 2023 poll, about 23% of women consider leaving their jobs in fear of pregnancy discrimination. In reality, you should not have to leave your career out of fear and instead have every right to file a complaint if your employer does discriminate against you. To expose potential pregnancy discrimination, maintain meticulous documentation, record every relevant conversation, changes in your treatment and incidents, including negative remarks, shift in responsibilities and altered assignments. Make sure all incidents have dates and times attached.

Compare your treatment before and after your pregnancy

To showcase discrimination, compare your treatment before and after the disclosure of your pregnancy. Acknowledge any changing attitudes, professional opportunities or workload. Pregnant employees may go from treatment as a promising employee to one with no prospects.

Seek the opinions of your colleagues

Discuss discrimination with colleagues who may have experienced similar discriminator behavior. If other women experience pregnancy discrimination, it shows a pattern of conduct by the company. Likewise, some of your close colleagues may serve as witnesses to your treatment. Gather information from individuals willing to share their experiences in court.

If you suspect pregnancy discrimination, keep in mind that your history with the company can serve as evidence. If you have a clean record full of opportunities that change for no reason, it is easier to prove discrimination.



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