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How to talk to your boss about breastfeeding

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Pregnancy Discrimination

Returning to work after having a baby can be challenging, especially for mothers who are currently breastfeeding. Talking with your supervisor about this aspect of motherhood might feel awkward, but a frank exchange is mandatory.

Approaching the conversation well can help you get the end result you are hoping for.

Prepare in advance

Before raising the topic, know what you want to say and rehearse how you will deliver it. Figure out specifics, such as how often you expect to express milk and what type of space will be necessary.

Choose a good time

Select a moment when your manager is not too busy or feeling excessive stress. Scheduling a meeting can help ensure you have management’s complete attention.

Be straightforward

During the one-on-one, speak clearly and directly. State unequivocally that you have a right to breastfeed and must express milk during office hours. Use simple language and avoid over-explaining. Emphasize how providing accommodations benefits both you and the company.

Offer solutions

Come with possible compromises. Suggest flexible break times or a reasonable schedule change that will minimize disruption. Also, have a suitable spot for pumping in mind. Make it easy to understand that achieving harmony will not be a burden.

Follow up

After your initial conference, wait a few days before confirming any arrangements. To avoid any outstanding misconceptions, send a polite email or text summarizing your mutual understanding.

Raising the subject of breastfeeding with a workplace superior may seem daunting, but the task does not have to be that way. A considered strategy will increase the odds of acceptable, even comfortable, breastfeeding conditions.

Call us if you have problems

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