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August 2012 Archives

TV actress suing employer for alleged sexual harassment

A former background actress on the CBS show "The Mentalist," filed suit on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Warner Bros. Television Group, its casting agency and a co-worker. She alleges claims of sexual harassment, retaliation and failure to take remedial action.

Muslim woman files suit, says Disney discriminated against her

A former Disneyland restaurant employee filed a federal employment discrimination lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company based on religious discrimination and harassment. The 28-year-old Muslim employee, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen, said Disney fired her because she wanted to wear a hijab to work. A hijab is a head scarf worn by Muslim women.The employee worked as a hostess at Storytellers Café at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California. She asked Disney whether she could wear a hijab at work. She offered to wear one that matched her uniform or showed the Disney logo.

Lawsuit over workplace intimidation ends with big settlement

A car dealership will pay five American workers of Afghan origin almost half a million dollars to resolve a discrimination lawsuit. The supervisor at the organization labeled the employees as terrorists and intimidated them. He promised retaliation if they reported his actions. The business must now provide training on employment discrimination to supervisors. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will follow up to ensure the company is treating employees properly. The organization must also publicly post information about the case at their business.

Eagle Scout with nail polish, earring fired from summer camp job

Several employees of a summer camp run by the Boy Scouts responded in solidarity to a gay young man who was dismissed from his position. The camp's official stance was that he was released because he wasn't dressing appropriate for the camp. As his co-workers took a stand, the Eagle Scout mulled his options for filing a workplace discrimination complaint. The eight-year camp employee expressed his shock at being fired. He elaborated that the recent stand taken by the Scouts against same-sex relationships contributed to the management's decision to relieve him of his duties. He is considering legal action against the BSA.

Northern California yoga teacher fired over cell phone ban

A Northern California yoga teacher was fired after she scowled at a student who was on a cell phone during class. The six-year instructor, who taught Facebook employees, expressed her belief that people need to focus on the yoga during class in order to benefit. She instructed all students to turn off their cell phones so they could take full advantage of the class. She received a termination letter that warned her not to impose a cell phone ban. Her employer said that class attendees at some companies are permitted to be on their phones during class. The instructor has not commented on her wrongful termination.

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