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December 2013 Archives

Discrimination lawsuit against McDonalds reaches a settlement

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission has alleged religious discrimination in an employment discrimination case against McDonald's. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff asked his employers at a Fresno, California McDonald's for permission to wear a beard according to his religious practices. Such a request falls under legal guidelines for accommodating religious beliefs of employees, according to the director of the Fresno EEOC. However, the lawsuit alleges that the employer illegally declined to allow him to wear a beard while working and subsequently terminated his employment.

Missile inspectors claim wrongful termination over tin dangers

California may have heard of the lawsuit brought by two missile inspectors after they claimed they were fired for telling the truth about a dangerously flawed piece of hardware. The alleged wrongful termination was said to have taken place after the men saw a missile with tin parts that could create short circuits and endanger Navy pilots in flight. The suit claimed that, beginning in 2012, each was pressured to sign off on the missiles even though they saw problems and refused, which resulted in their being fired.

Proposed California bill will protect unpaid interns

California may soon be joining Oregon as the only states to provide protection against workplace discrimination and harassment for unpaid interns. A Democratic legislator announced that she will introduce a bill in January that grants unpaid employees and interns the same legal protection against harassment and workplace discrimination that is given to paid employees.

Executive claims wrongful discharge on racial grounds

A former British Petroleum executive based in California has filed suit against the oil giant, claiming that she was fired following a series of insensitive and racist remarks made by colleagues. The former chief financial officer said that her wrongful termination after almost a decade with BP was due to her engaging in African-American personal style expressions such as braiding her hair and wearing African-influenced blouses. She maintained in the lawsuit that she was told she could wear such hairstyles and clothing only during the company's Culture Day or during Black History Month, among other race-based commentary.

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