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August 2014 Archives

California workers could be affected by wage and hour violations

Without a job, many individuals in California and across the country would struggle to make ends meet and afford the necessities for their household. Therefore, workers are typically grateful for the income that they are able to receive from their jobs. Unfortunately, there are situations in which employees may not be receiving the proper compensation for their work due to wage and hour violations on the part of their employers.

Disability discrimination could affect California workers

Many California residents must live with disabilities. These disabilities could be mental or physical, lifelong or recently acquired. It is likely that in any case, affected individuals have learned to manage their situations in order to continue living as best as they can. However, there are situations in which such individuals could face unfair circumstances, and disability discrimination in the workplace could be one such situation.

Female firefighter files sexual harassment claim in California

All workers should have the right to feel comfortable in their workplace. This means that employees should be able to work in an environment free from sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviors. If this is not the case, a party may wish to speak to a superior about the situation in hopes of seeing improvement. However, if a harassment complaint is ignored, an individual may wish to take legal action.

California scientist claims wrongful termination

If a person is fired from a job, he or she may expect the decision to have come about as the appropriate course of action for a serious infraction or other situation in which termination is required. However, there are times when parties are released from their positions without proper cause. As a result of this wrongful termination, a party may wish to seek a legal case against their employer.

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