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Undocumented workers afraid to report sexual harassment

Despite laws against it, sexual harassment continues to exist in workplaces throughout California and throughout the country. Coming forward after being harassed can be frightening for some victims. Many worry that they will lose their jobs, be demoted or otherwise be treated unfairly if they choose to speak up about what happened.

Avoiding age discrimination while looking for work

Under the law, it is an employer’s responsibility to avoid engaging in illegal discriminatory behavior. It is not up to either employees or applicants to avoid employers and employer behavior which may be discriminatory. Nevertheless, it can be helpful for applicants to understand that certain behaviors may help them to avoid companies and employers which may cause them harm. Although the law protects applicants and employees when they are illegally discriminated against, most individuals would rather avoid a discriminatory scenario when possible.

Should You Speak Up About Unlawful Conduct At Work?

Many employers engage in conduct that violates the law, and they are not supposed to retaliate against you for speaking up or opposing this kind of unlawful activity.  "Retaliation" may come in the form of termination, demotion, suspension, other discipline, threats, harassment, or discrimination.  

When a company only seems to hire younger people

It has been said that looks can be deceiving. This statement is certainly true as looks can indeed be deceiving. However, simply because they can does not mean that they are in every situation. For example, if you decide to apply at a company and it looks like nearly every employee was born after the 1970s, a number of things could be going on.

What is the minimum overtime rate when a worker has a workday over 8 hours in CA?

Among the many wage and hour laws that are in place here in California are overtime laws. Under California law, there are several circumstances under which employers are, generally, required to pay their employees at an overtime rate. One of these circumstances is if they have an employee work in excess of eight hours in a workday. As a note, there are some employees that this overtime pay requirement does not apply to.

Filing a discrimination and/or retaliation complaint with the state

When an employee is subjected to discrimination and/or retaliatory treatment on the job, there are usually feelings of anger, fear and helplessness, especially if efforts to address the matter within the company fail. When an employee is unable to have his or her situation adequately addressed in-house, it may be time to get the authorities involved.

Know your family and medical leave rights in California

Life happens sometimes, and you may need to take time off from work. If these reasons are to care for a family member, your own health reasons, or the birth or adoption of a child, know that your employer cannot retaliate against you. If the company does retaliate, harass or discriminate against you for your leave, you could have grounds to take legal action. 

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