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October 2016 Archives

Wage disputes and the importance of boilerplate contract language

When people searching for a new job are offered a position, it is understandably an exciting time.  Many employers in California offer a contract and then apply pressure to the recipient to commit quickly. However, most employment contracts have boilerplate language that generally benefits the potential employer, especially in issues of wage disputes. It could be important for a potential employee's interests to read, understand and usually run the contract language by an attorney prior to signing.

UC Berkley former dean sues school for employment discrimination

The University of California system has been the subject of many employment-related lawsuits during the past year. Specifically, the University of California, Berkeley, has been rocked by lawsuits against 19 employees for sexual harassment. Recently, the former dean of the law school filed a lawsuit against the school system alleging employment discrimination, racial discrimination and damages to his career and reputation.

Wells Fargo faces wrongful termination and retaliation suits

Legal action and reports of unscrupulous business practices have plagued Wells Fargo in California and throughout the country. Many allegations have surfaced, including unjust firing and retaliation. According to former Wells Fargo employees, they endured terminations or other mistreatment if they did not meet strict bank sales quotas. This led many employees to open large numbers of bogus consumer accounts, which ultimately led to investigations, lawsuits and fines from federal and state authorities. Whenever employees are victims of wrongful termination, they have the right to take legal action against their former employers.

Federal official retires after spouse's sexual harassment charges

Yosemite National Park is considered one of the gems of outdoor recreation in California. Recently, however, it has come under scrutiny due to a scandal relating to blatant sexual harassment and intimidation under the leadership of Don Neubacher. Neubacher is the husband of Patty Neubacher, who was the regional director of the Pacific West Region, which covers 56 national parks located in 6 western states.

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