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We’re willing to take on big companies in California

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Employment Discrimination, Firm News

Taking legal action against a big national or international corporation can be a very daunting task. Large companies usually have access to a lot of resources, including a well-financed legal team that will do what it can to defeat or minimize even a legitimate claim filed by an employee.

For a California employee who has been discriminated against by a major corporation or the management thereof, choosing the right lawyer to handle their claim is critical. In this respect, many employees who have suffered discrimination, retaliation, harassment or some other form of illegal action at the hands of their employers have benefited from our knowledge of California and federal employment law, particularly with respect to anti-discrimination provisions.

Our track record includes several victories against familiar names on the American corporate landscape, including many retailers and food service establishments. We’ve also filed suit against several large employers in California, including school districts and utilities, as well as a state agency.

Over the years, we’ve established a proven track record of reaching fair and appropriate outcomes for our clients. We believe this success has to do with our persistent enthusiasm for staying cutting-edge with respect to the latest legal trends. We also go beyond this and make sure that we are using the up-to-date technology that is available. We also recognize, on an ongoing basis, what trial strategies are and are not working with juries in the region. We understand that effective arguments change over time and depend on the circumstances.

Pursuing a discrimination or other employment-related claim against a large, powerful corporation is a challenge, but with the right legal help and under the right circumstances, it is a challenge that can be overcome.




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