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January 2016 Archives

Ranch worker sues for unpaid overtime and other wage theft

Wage theft and other wage and hour violations occur in California and across the other states, but that does not mean that the workers are forced to sit back and take it. A former employee of a horse ranch in another state claims that she was not paid the minimum wage, credited with overtime or reimbursed for expenses. She is now fighting back against the company and its owner in federal court.

Former motorcycle officer wins $950K for his retaliation lawsuit

A former motorcycle officer in California claims that after he voiced his disapproval about a ticketing quota system, he was fired. The plaintiff alleges that his supervisors used retaliation to show their displeasure when he questioned the system. He filed his case against the police department in a Superior Court.

Bikram Yoga faces sexual harassment allegations by former worker

The owner of Bikram Yoga in California is faced with a lawsuit by a former employee. She claims that the owner was offensive to female employees, and she was the victim of sexual harassment. Her claim against the company and its owner has been filed in a Superior Court.

Fired worker claims he was not paid overtime and was abused

A former employee of Pipeline Energy Group Inc., located outside California, claims that he was abused, underpaid and then fired. He claims that he was not given overtime pay when he was required to work long hours. Furthermore, he alleges he was asked to commit acts that were unlawful. The worker filed a claim against the company as well as two of his supervisors in a circuit court.

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