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Should You Speak Up About Unlawful Conduct At Work?

Many employers engage in conduct that violates the law, and they are not supposed to retaliate against you for speaking up or opposing this kind of unlawful activity.  "Retaliation" may come in the form of termination, demotion, suspension, other discipline, threats, harassment, or discrimination.  

Teacher claims wrongful termination for getting pregnant - Part 2

In 1978 the United States Government banned discrimination in employment but that does not stop some employers from discriminating against their employees, including pregnant women and mothers. Pregnancy discrimination is a form of employment discrimination and is illegal under both California state and federal laws.

1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act spotlighted by the EEOC

Imagine you are a required to take a pregnancy test as a condition of employment, or you are a truck driver and are fired because you requested light duty work because of your doctor's recommendations. Or upon notifying your employer of your pregnancy your supervisor tells you to get an abortion. Many Californians might think these stories are from long ago, but think again, they were all discussed at last month's hearing by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on the issues women and families face when it comes to pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

Staffing company ordered to pay in pregnancy discrimination suit

A federal judge ordered a medical staffing company to pay $148,000 to a former employee for discriminating against the woman because she was pregnant. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the lawsuit claimed the company's owner discriminated against the employee when he made offensive comments to her about her pregnancy and then fired her because she wanted to take maternity leave after her son was born.

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