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Posts tagged "Sexual Orientation Discrimination"

BET emails cited as evidence of sexual orientation discrimination

California viewers of Black Entertainment Television may be familiar with the gender-bending look of its host B. Scott. However, leaked emails from BET seem to show evidence of what some may consider workplace discrimination as company executives express concern over his "looking like a woman" while hosting on their network. For his part, Scott characterizes his gender identity as nonconforming, although he was born male.

California employers watch Senate on worker discrimination bill

A bill that would end LGBT worker discrimination throughout the United States was seen as possibly going to a vote in the Senate. Specifically, sexual orientation discrimination, as well as that based on gender identity, would be banned under the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The bill was passed by the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, with its support divided along partisan lines.

Pregnant workers face routine discrimination

Californians may be interested in a new report that claims pregnant women are often denied accommodations and fired as a result of their pregnancy. The report, co-authored by the National Women's Law Center and A Better Balance, says women who face pregnancy discrimination often work in low-wage jobs, where workers may have to stand for 8-10 hours a day. Pregnant women may need additional breaks, or they may be considered to be a liability to the company.

Eagle Scout with nail polish, earring fired from summer camp job

Several employees of a summer camp run by the Boy Scouts responded in solidarity to a gay young man who was dismissed from his position. The camp's official stance was that he was released because he wasn't dressing appropriate for the camp. As his co-workers took a stand, the Eagle Scout mulled his options for filing a workplace discrimination complaint. The eight-year camp employee expressed his shock at being fired. He elaborated that the recent stand taken by the Scouts against same-sex relationships contributed to the management's decision to relieve him of his duties. He is considering legal action against the BSA.

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