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Attorneys for Employees –
We Specialize in Righting Workplace Wrongs

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Attorneys for Employees –
We Specialize in Righting Workplace Wrongs

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Character Defamation – Libel And Slander By Co-Workers Or Employers

  • Did you get fired because a co-worker, supervisor or manager made false statements about you to your employer or someone else?
  • Did someone at work wrongfully accuse you of being dishonest or stealing?

When future employers call your previous employer for a reference or background check, is your previous employer saying negative things about you? California laws allow employees like you to sue their employer for defamation (slander or libel) if they are terminated because a supervisor, manager or co-worker made false statements about them — either in writing or verbally.

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The law allows you to right the wrong and recover money damages if someone has done damage to your professional reputation by defaming you. Contact the Northern California defamation lawyers at Bryant Whitten, LLP, in Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco or Oakland, California. Our employment law attorneys believe in being energetic, efficient and effective advocates for employees whose employers have defamed them.

Examples Of Libel And Slander That Can Affect Your Professional Reputation

  • Statements that you were incompetent, stealing money from the company, etc.
  • Statements that you were a “loose woman” even if it’s just because you filed a sexual harassment complaint
  • Bad references to prospective employers

Let Our Energetic, Efficient And Effective Attorneys Protect You

Our knowledgeable staff and effective employment law attorneys are sensitive to the fact that you may be worried about causing further problems at work if you sue your employer for violations of these laws. We understand it is our job to make you feel comfortable so that we can help you make things right and get the compensation you are owed. We are passionate about what we do and proud that we have the opportunity and ability to enforce these important laws. Our focus is always on our clients and making sure they are treated fairly and compensated adequately.

Contact our California employment law firm to get fairly compensated for defamation.