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June 2014 Archives

3 women claim to be workplace sexual harassment victims

When an individual in California endures sexual harassment on the job, he or she is a victim of unlawful activity for which the company can be held accountable. Three individuals in another state recently filed suits against one company, complaining that the employer engaged in workplace sexual harassment. The workers also claimed that the company unlawfully discriminated against them and violated wage regulations.

Chick-fil-A pregnancy discrimination case settled

Although becoming pregnant might be exciting for a woman, she may also fear that she will be passed up for a job due to her baby bump. Although pregnancy discrimination is illegal, some managers in California and other states sometimes avoid hiring pregnant women for fear that they will not stick around the office for long. When a person experiences this type of discrimination, she has the right to file a claim against the company that allegedly committed the wrongdoing.

Female teacher files age discrimination suit

Being mistreated can be an offense to any employee in California, especially when it’s based on age. As a person gets older in today’s society, some companies tend to look down on the person, believing that he or she no longer has much to offer. However, older individuals are protected from age discrimination by federal legislation.

Man claims he was victim of age-based workplace discrimination

Just as a person cannot control his or her race, a person also has no control over his or her age. Being mistreated at work due to one’s age, whether young or old, is grounds for a workplace discrimination suit in California. One man in another state recently filed a claim against his employer, accusing the company of terminating him due to his age.

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