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July 2014 Archives

California case regarding Apple deals with wage and hour laws

Working a long day can be tiresome for any employee. Therefore, it is important that employers follow standards that allow workers to take meal and other breaks at appropriate times throughout the workday. If employers fail to give their workers breaks, they could be in violation of wage and hour laws. Should workers feel that they are not being given breaks or not being compensated properly for a lack of breaks, a legal situation could ensue.

Changes made to pregnancy discrimination guidelines

Deciding to have a child can be a very exciting time in a person’s life. However, that excitement could become tainted if an employer expresses negative attitudes toward an employee potentially becoming pregnant. There have, unfortunately, been numerous cases of pregnancy discrimination across the country, including in California. However, recent changes in discrimination guidelines may help lessen the likelihood of employees facing such a situation.

California sexual harassment case involves Yahoo

Though reported cases of sexual harassment in the workplace are often situations in which women have been harassed by men, it is important to understand that such harassment can take place between various combinations of genders. No matter whether the case is one where a man was harassed by a woman or whether both genders involved were the same, sexual harassment should be handled seriously. California employees should not fear filing a report.

California candidates should not face employment discrimination

Discrimination is an unfortunate reality that many individuals have faced in different areas of their lives. However, California residents who are looking for a job should not have to deal with employment discrimination. Employers have an obligation to treat candidates fairly and assess their qualifications for the position being applied for. If a candidate is discriminated against, not only are they missing out on a job opportunity, but the employer could face legal action.

Woman files workplace discrimination suit against UCLA

One woman who used to work at UCLA in California claims that race and age discrimination caused her to lose her job. She also claims that she was let go because she complained about the conduct of her supervisor. As a result, she filed a workplace discrimination suit against the school on a recent Wednesday.

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