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May 2014 Archives

Police department settles sex discrimination lawsuit

Sexual discrimination in California can hurt a person’s self-esteem, in addition to affecting his or her ability to earn a living at a company due to the hostile environment there. This is why it is prohibited under state and federal laws. Two women in a different state recently filed a sex discrimination suit against a police department.

Teacher files race discrimination case against school district

An individual in California has the right to a discrimination-free workplace. When this doesn't happen and the person is mistreated based on his or her race or sex, for example, the employee can take action against the employer through the legal system. One black teacher in another state has sued a school district on the basis of race discrimination.

Manager at McDonald's faces sexual harassment accusations

Being treated in an inappropriate manner sexually while in the workplace may make a person feel uncomfortable and abused. Sexual harassment is illegal and can cause the victim to suffer psychological issues for years following the incident. A victim of this type of behavior in California has the right to try to hold the offending employer accountable.

Teacher says she is victim of workplace discrimination

A teacher in a neighboring state recently claimed that she has been the target of race discrimination. Workplace discrimination on the basis of race, which can be demeaning and may hurt a person's ability to stay employed at a company, is prohibited. A person who is a victim of such mistreatment has the right to seek the protection of his or her rights in California.

Previous Wendy's restaurant employee claims sexual harassment

One woman in a different state claims that she was sexually harassed by her boss, which can be an embarrassing and frustrating situation for any employee. The former Wendy's restaurant employee claims that she was harassed at two different times. In this type of sexual harassment situation, a person in California reserves the right to explore his or her legal options for seeking justice.

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